Sunday, January 31, 2010

Things I learned this weekend

Things I learned this weekend:

I should have bought the bigger container of wasabi peas.

Working from home sucks.

The dolls I like to collect are way too expensive.  But I want them anyway.

Eric Stoltz just gets hotter as he gets older.  I totally could be a stalker.

Mr. Lady is wonderful and makes you feel like a person.   I so could stalk her.

 I would like to stalk The Bloggess too but she's not responded to me yet. I've got my binoculars ready though.

There is apparently a reason I can't go out in public.  lanned = stalker

The person who has been my best friend for years apparently only uses me for birthday wishes.  Batman you suck.

Sonohysteerography is a lot more painful than what they let you believe.  Especially if they have to insert the catheter more than once.  You bleed for a long time afterwards.  It sucks.

I can still conceive.  Hubby step it up because I think the doctor believes I can become pregnant in the next couple of months.  Yeah little curly red headed Edwina!!!

Potty training involves a lot of clapping.  Go Z you're a big girl.  Go Z you're a big girl.

I want a house full of babies.  *Hoping when I get pregnant I have twins*

I don't want my daughter and her babies to ever move out.  (i.e. unrealistic expectations)

My parents aren't ever allowed to get sick or anything like that. (one again i.e. unrealistic expectations)

My husband is super brilliant Yet another stupid blog


  1. I'm far from brilliant.

    I hope your parents never get sick, too.

    Paegan isn't allowed to move out. Since she'll always be our baby, she has to do what we tell her to do. So there.

    I want a pair of girlies, one a curly redhead and another a curly brunette. Yes, I stole your idea.

    I'll clap perpetually as long as we can stop buying so many diapers every other day.

    I'm trying, I'm trying! I hope I don't have azoospermia. :(

    Oh noes! Was the sonohysteerography one of those unexpected, unauthorized pelvic exams done by medical students?

    Batman has always sucked. DC comics suck.


  2. I am a stalker. At least Batman gave me his email so he's not so much an ass. Not an unauthorized exam...just a painful one. Just put out babe and we'll have our punkins before we know it.

  3. OH TWINS! I will hope twins for you too. And they are funny to potty-train, because they will clap for each other.