Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beware the Tiny Snowman Army!!!!

I have not been posting here nearly as much as I'd like.  My hours at work are pushing way more than 40 and I'm just not an overtime kind of girl.  Frankly I'm barely a get out of bed kind of girl...lazy is my middle name (not really, I mean how cruel would my parents have to be to name their oldest daughter Laurie Lazy?).  So blogging for now has been reduced to weekends (which used to be three days for me but now is only two...stupid overtime at work.  Overtime which I don't get paid for since I'm salaried...grrrrrr).  We did accomplish some things this week.  We got one of those cool Flipcams so now we are going to be uploading little video clips like mad.  We also got a giant hard drive to store all the little videos for editing.  We made the decision to go get me some new ( for me) office furniture for the corner of the bedroom I think of as my office next weekend.  We had a snow storm this weekend so that was a no go.  Speaking of....I started my tiny snowman army.  Right now they are 8 strong and they will take you all down unless you're a zombie or made of fire...then they're screwed.

I am also aware the snowman army is lacking arms.  They have complained about this many times but they are ankle biters so they get by.


  1. Holy shit! This is hilarious!

    I have a weak-spot for snowmen...

  2. And boy do they hurt!!! :( She sicked them on me after I threw a snowball at her.

  3. do I. Unfortunately something ate their faces off. I guess that's what happens when you have chocolate chips for eyes and tiny candy apples for mouths.