Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mr. Hanky comes late

I had to take an emergency shower because I was laying (lying?  who knows, well I know you probably do but I'm in the middle of sickness right now so I just don't care) on the floor because I ate too many chocolate covered coffee beans while reading  The Bloggess' sex column and Baby M was smacking me in the face trying to gouge my eye out and then she puked in my hair.  Because of the bean eating I was dumping (for those of you who don't know I had gastric bypass surgery so eating chocolate covered coffee beans is bad...makes me poo).  I had to keep jumping out of the shower and lunging for the toilet which made me dizzy.  Man, am I lucky old people owned this house before us and there are grab bars all over the bathroom or I could have been extremely injured.  Yay old people!!!

P.S.  I know this whole thing was T.M.I. but its not as bad as my husband's secret lust for Chewbacca.  How do I know he lusts for Chewbacca if it's secret, you ask?  Well its obvious...I haven't shaved my legs in a long time...a looooonnnngggg  time and he still thinks I'm sexy so it's deductive reasoning ala Sherlock Holmes.

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