Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gag me with a spoon

I realize now the goal I set for myself was harder than I thought it would be. My goal was simply to blog every day. However, I made this goal when I was on a break from work. I was sleeping in every morning and starting my day slowly and when something popped into my head I would just sit down at my PC and type. I went back to work yesterday though and at random times through the day something I would like to blog about would pop into my head and then the phone would ring or someone would have a problem and I would forget. By the time I got home my brain was mush and I ended up posting a wandering, rambling mess. I forgot that working 10 - 11 hour days makes the brain tired. I forgot that like an old woman I am ready for bed by 8:30. I was always one of those people who said "Dude, if I won the lottery I would totally keep working. I wouldn't be able to stand being at home." And I am such a stinking liar! I would kill to be able to stay home (well maybe not kill...well maybe if it was someone I really didn't like, like that one old boss of mine...but we won't go there). If Hubby and I have a baby (which we are trying...more tests on Friday...woo hoo - that was a totally sarcastic woo hoo, in case you didn't pick up on that) we better win the lottery so I can be a stay at home Mom. I didn't get to do that with Paeg and I wish I could have. If I was a SAHM I could so totally keep the little grandmunchkins too and eat all their baby num-nums. As I read back through this post I've made a discovery...not only am I old, I am apparently an old valley girl (totally different head man totally).

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