Friday, October 15, 2010

Dying inside

I'm waiting for the doctor to call and tell me when I will have my hysterectomy.  My health has been bad for a while but I still hoped.  We already had it all planned.  The baby was a girl...we called her curly redheaded edwina when we talked about her...because red hair is predominant in my family and curly hair is in his and he's way smarter than me so she'd have that.  But now that will never happen and I'm dying.  In less than two weeks she no longer exists.  I feel like I'm being ripped apart from the inside.  I need help but I have no friends and my family doesn't understand.  I am alone.  My husband hurts more than I do...and I don't know how to make him feel better.  Does anyone know?  How do you get over mourning someone that never existed?  I pictured her whole life and now she will never be.  I have a child a girl...while I was pregnant her father beat me and the whole time she was small I was in a state of panic because he kept telling me he was going to steal her and tell her I was dead.  I finally met a good man and we tried for a baby...we are still trying but now it won't ever happen.  I had dreams about what it would be like to be pregnant without someone hurting you....with someone nurturing me.  Someone who was happy for the baby and not looking for it as a way to enslave a person. I don't like going into surgery feeling this way.  I feel dead already.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I love ol' sneaky snake

My daughter thinks she's sneaky.  After 21 years of being caught repeatedly at her "hijinks" she still thinks she's sneaky.  You think she'd realize that I'm onto her but for some reason she's not picked up on that yet.  First of all she has this lie face.  Everytime she's lying she makes this face.  I wish I could describe it.  It's a don't look at me, I'm up to something kind of face.  She doesn't seem to realize she's making it so she thinks I'm a mind reader.  Well I am and I know what you are thinking and doing right now and that is so gross and your hand does not belong there.  See I am psychic...I knew exactly what you were doing.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I feel like they're crawling all over me...

I was sitting in my office when I heard what sounded like my colleague tap dancing out in the hall.  I ignored it for a while but as it continued I had to get up and see what was going on.  She was kicking at a cockroach…the largest cockroach I have ever seen.  It was currently on its back flailing around trying to right itself so it could go carry off a small child.  The woman I work with was trying to kick it down the hall away from her office. Someone had told her that if you squish a cockroach with your shoe their eggs attach to the bottom of the shoe and then come home with you and your house gets infested with roaches and possibly the plague. (Does anyone know if this is true?)  I got grossed out and went back into my office to quietly gag and freak out.  When I came back out of my office later the cockroach was gone.  We still haven’t recovered the cleaning woman it carried off.

I swear it was at least this big...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Creative murder technique

I was driving down the road with my husband and daughter one summer day before my daughter graduated from high school.  As I often do I sucked spit down into my lungs and started to cough.  Apparently after four decades my body still hasn’t figured out that the trachea is for oxygen not liquids.  I started coughing very hard.
My husband looked at me for a minute as I struggled to drive and hack up a lung and then told me, “Stop choking, you’re driving.”
My daughter laughed so hard she almost peed herself and I nearly expired as I tried to cough and laugh at the same time.
Way to try to kill me, Edwin.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Yes, it is a Disney cake.  Don't judge me.
I am not a big birthday person, at least where my birthdays are concerned.   Though I must admit that my birthday yesterday was pretty good.
I got to spend it with my beautiful daughter...
Doesn't she look thrilled?
My gorgeous, wonderful grandchildren...
Barney was on, way more interesting than picture taking.
And my soulmate, my handsome husband.
I love this man.
Of course I also got the perfect serenade...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I’ve got nothing but shit.

I’ve not had much going on lately.  I’m in kind of a holding pattern waiting to see if the new meds work or if they make me into a raging psychopath (I’ve been getting a little bitchy lately so I’m starting to worry).

The other day my lovely granddaughter M was running around naked.  She’s almost 15 months old but still has the super chubby baby leg rolls and chubby tummy and little chubby baby cheeks and only a little hair so she looks much younger than she is.  Basically she’s adorable naked and she loves to have her diaper off so we indulge her before bath time.  She was over by my husband and I saw she had something in her hand headed toward her mouth (everything goes in her mouth).  I ran over to her saying, “Punkin, what have you got?”  I held out my hand.  She stopped her hand traveling to her mouth and placed what was in her hand into mine.  It was bright playdoh green, lumpy, hard and warm.  I looked at it confused unable to grasp what she could have gotten a hold of until it finally dawned on me.
I said out loud, “It’s poop.”

My husband looked at me and goes, “What?”

“It’s poop.”  I said again and held me hand out palm up with the piece of poop laying in it like an offering.  With my other hand I grabbed M’s hand so she could not put her hand in her mouth.

“Ewww...” was my husband’s contribution.

I started yelling for my daughter because now that I was trying to keep M from putting her hand in her mouth she was determined to do it and was pulling against me as hard as she could.

My daughter comes wandering in from the kitchen.  “It’s poop.” And I hold it out again.  I guess I was hoping someone would take it from me but no.  She gets the baby and I go to get rid of my smelly hand companion.

Z, my other granddaughter, comes running over, “I want to see.”  So I stop my bathroom trek and turn around with the poop still balanced on my palm so she can admire her sister’s work.

Finally I get to the bathroom and dump the poop and scrub my hand.

Such is my life.  Exciting, isn’t it?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I’ve not been feeling very funny lately or even slightly, remotely entertaining.  My meds got lazy slacker like and quit doing their job so instead of feeling witty and engaging I’ve been feeling kind of zombie-like.  Well, what I imagine a zombie would feel like.  Having never been one I can only assume.  I mean I feel kind of emotionally distant/dead not that I want to eat brains.  I think brains would be kind of chewy and possibly hard to swallow, kind of like a raw oyster except less snotty like.  Please do not get me started on intestines….I mean its bad enough to eat sausage casing, can you imagine eating it when it hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned first,  that would just be ewwww. Another symptom of my meds playing the slacker kid who lives in the basement smoking pot and playing video games is that I can’t focus.  But you never would have guessed that right?
So now I have to start this long, complicated process of weaning myself off of one med while starting to take another and I have to take pills at certain times of days for so many days and who does the doctor think I am?  I can barely remember the way to work, how I am going to take these pills correctly?  You all are going to see me on the news where I chopped someone up and probably ate their intestines because I know I’m going to get my dosage wrong and go mental.
I thought about telling the doctor to just put me in the hospital so they can make sure I am monitored while going through this but then I thought, “No…then everyone will know I’m crazy.” Because, really I’ve been keeping it under wraps to the general public so well.   I just really don’t want the people I  work with to know I have issues.
But I can let you guys know because I don’t work with you and you won’t tell anyone, right? RIGHT?

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yes, I suck...

I have not blogged in a while and this is bad because at the beginning of the year I had planned to blog every day.  Big major fail on that one.  I am giving myself a pass on that though because I’m bat shit crazy.  Okay, I’m not quite that crazy…I can still kind of function out in public.  I have a job and everything and I can sometimes go to the grocery store.  Sometimes I can…but sometimes when I get there my heart starts to pound and I can’t breathe and this screaming starts in my head and then I have to leave.  Being around people is hard for me.  Fortunately at work I’m in a block of offices with only one other person and my office is the last one on a dead end hallway so I don’t have to see other people much.  Yay for me!  I have been going to therapy and seeing a psychiatrist to try to get my meds right.  We  thought we found something that would work but now my insurance won’t pay for it (and I can’t afford $500 a month for meds) so back to the drawing board.  That’s okay though…I know we’ll find something that will work and I will be what passes for normal for me again.  Normal being sci-fi, zombie, vampire (but not sparkly vampires…yuck), gaming, comic, loving and completely different from everyone in the area I live.  Do you know no one except my family around here has a zombie apocalypse emergency plan?  Really what kind of people are these?  They also listen to country music…which is just plain wrong.  My husband wants to move back to NYC.  He believes there we will find people more like us.  I, however, think we just need to go back to our home planet

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My first blogging award (could be like a chain letter but I don't care)

I got an award on June 5.  Yes, I know I'm slow.  I've not been blogging lately and so I suck but maybe not so know, award and all.  So here are the rules :

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Share ten things about yourself
3. Pass the award along to 10 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers and let them know you've picked them for the award.

Thank you so much Daffodil Campbell for my very first blogger award.  You rock.  Seriously, you do.  I think I might love you.  Too much?

Ten things about myself..hmmmm....

1)  I hate all things Twilight with a passion.  I want to take those sparkly vampires and that stupid girl and run splintery stakes up their butts.
2)  I love most all other vampire stuff though...Anita Blake, Sookie Stackhouse, Buffy, Betsey Queen of the Undead, etc.
3) I want to LARP with all of my being, which is something that makes me the brunt of many jokes in my family.  I would like to be a mystic wood elf.
4) I greatly fear the zombie apocalypse and every now and then will find myself on survivalist web sites planning how we would fortify ourselves and survive.
5) I don't make friends easily.
6) I cried when Buffy, Stargate SG-1  and Star Trek the Next Generation went off the air.
7) My dream anniversary present is spending the weekend at the Renaissance Faire.
8) I have been writing a Stargate / Buffy crossover for three years now and I'm still not done.
9) We sometimes take in homeless people to live with us.
10) I have a vase full of dead flowers on my desk because I think they look cool.

Who shall I give this to?  I'm going hunting for new bloggers this weekend and I'll update this with their names.
My very first award given goes to:

Monday, May 17, 2010

I think I'm still in a bit of shock so I'm sorry if this is incoherent

I was around 14 years old walking through my house singing Karma Chameleon.  Our TV had been left on a concert movie called Black and Blue.  I had never heard of the bands involved and was not interested because let's face was not Culture Club.  But then I wandered through the living room and a man's voice literally brought me to my knees.  As I knelt in front of the TV with my mouth hanging open my world was changed.  I quickly became obsessed with the small man with the huge voice.  I saved every cent of my allowance and bought Black Sabbath albums.  Then when I found out he had formed his own band, Dio albums joined the collection and then Rainbow and then I was mail ordering Elf albums from England.  I collected every article I could find and papered the walls of my room in posters and pictures ripped from magazines of him.  Through him I found a love of heavy metal that exists to this day.  He opened me up to a whole world of music that I would never have come across (I live in an area where country music is way too popular).  Dio was my very first concert and it was the best.  I saw him in concert one other time and I kick myself for all the times I could have gone but missed for some reason or another.  I wish I could thank him for the beauty he brought into my life.  I wish I could see him in concert just one more time.

Godspeed Ronnie James Dio.  You will be missed.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't be hating...whatever I do what I want

I’m supposed to be working but I decided a blog post was more the thing.  This is the things I hate episode…

  1. Bras that hook in front.  For some reason the last time I bought bras every freaking one I bought fastens in the front even though I knew I hated that.  That’s what I get for bra shopping online with my best friend vodka.  My problem with bras that hook in front is this…whenever I am out in public, with no warning, in the worst possible place that fucker will unhook and set the girls free.  Now I like the feeling of my boobs running free as much as the next woman but they are large and rather floppy.  I’m reminded of that teacher on South Park, Choksondik with her nipples hanging down out of the bottom of her sweater.  Yep, that would be me.
  2. People who stand at stop lights and collect money for charity.  I can hear the whole two people who read this booing me now but hear me out.  I hate this because I have to give them money.  They don’t make me and I know I’m welcome to drive on by but I just can’t.  If they feel passionately enough about something to stand in the hot sun or the rain and collect money for it then by god I’m going to give them something (many times the last bit of money I have).  Even if it is for a cause that I care nothing about (Save the super slimy worm that climbs up people’s noses…well maybe I wouldn’t give to that one.  I’d be curled up in a corner somewhere with my hand over my nose shivering in horror that such a thing exists.) I will still give.  I hate to think that someone is suffering somewhere and I didn’t stop.  The part I really hate is when I have no money with me at all and I don’t see them standing there until it’s too late to detour and I have to drive through…then I spend all day feeling like an ass.  I hate that.
  3. Reality TV.  I don’t watch American Idol or Dancing with the Stars or The Bachelor or The Biggest Loser or Let’s see how many foreign objects I can fit in my anus (That’s not a show?  Really?  They televise everything else…I’d think that would be a hit.).  My own life has enough drama that I don’t need to tune into other people’s.  Though I will tell you a secret.  We’re all friends here, right?  You won’t tell anyone?  Okay, here it goes…the real reason I don’t watch reality TV is…I’m an addict.  Going back to the America’s Next Top Model debacle of 2008…if I start watching I can’t stop.  It sucks me in and I start to care about these people.  I find myself rearranging my schedule so I can watch it when it’s on.  I watch the extra videos online.  I try to find out what the people are doing after the show is over.  It’s horrible and I felt dirty all the time so I quit cold turkey.  Though every now and then I still feel the urge.
  4. Girl Scout cookies.  Actually I love me some girl scout cookies, what I hate is that they are only available once a year.  What’s up with that shit?  Offer perfect sugary goodness and then yank it away.  Every year I tell myself, “hey I’ll buy extra this year and freeze them and then I can have girl scout cookies whenever I want.”  Yeah right…I just end up eating that many more of the damn things in the same amount of time and still no cookies for the rest of the year.  Stupid Girl Scouts.
  5. Facebook.  I use Facebook, most of my “friends” are family or people I knew from school.  But with the exception of my family, do I really care how someone I haven’t seen in literally twenty years and I didn’t like that much to begin with is doing?  The only posts I seem to care about are my family stuff and the few bloggers I also follow on Facebook (I loves me the bloggers I follow…they are all wonderful).  So, you ask, why don’t I unfriend those high school people?  That is a good question thanks for asking.  The reason is because as soon as I unfriend someone I will run into them in the grocery store even though it has not happened in the whole twenty years we’ve lived in the same town.  Karma works that way, you know.  Karma is kind of a mean bitch.
  6. Getting old.  This is a no brainer, right?  I can’t color my hair the color I want without people going, “You work in an office, you can’t have blue hair.”  I had to take out all the piercings in my left ear (I had eight) because my ear started to cauliflower (stupid cauliflower ear…and no you can’t see it.  Freaks.)  I had to take out my nipple ring because of surgery and now I’m too embarrassed to go get it repierced because I’m a grandmother for god’s sake and I don’t want to be one of those pathetic old people who dress like they’re still sixteen (what do piercings and clothing have to do with each other?  Why absolutely nothing…it’s like you’re being purposely dense).  I also hate the fact that I ache all the time like I did some strenuous exercise when I really haven’t moved in two days.  If I’m going to ache like I’ve been having wild sex then I better have had some wild sex (Hubby…looking at you here). 
  7. Daddy long legs.  They are a creepy head with legs.  What kind of thing has legs growing out of its head?  When I was a child and running barefoot around the farm (yes, I grew up on a farm…a pig farm) I stepped on a daddy long legs and it was squashed on the bottom of my foot and I couldn’t get it off and I was traumatized.  No one would help me they just laughed at me. I still have not recovered from the horror.
  8. Worms.  Any kind and all kinds of worms are super creepy.  I don’t care how good they are for the soil and that they feed the pretty birdies.  They are slimy and gross.  Yuck, I say, yuck.  This is why on the few occasions I’ve fished I’ve used artificial bait or I don’t fish (I also won’t take a fish off the hook…fish = also slimy).
  9. Sad movies.  I cannot stand anything that makes me cry.  Especially sad movies about children.  They make me want to hunt the writers down and beat them to death with a pointy, thorned stick.  *Whack* How dare you even think something like that about beautiful babies *Whack*  Yes, sad movies make me crazy violent.  I still have not recovered from the saddest movie ever “What Dreams May Come”.  If you don’t think that is the saddest movie ever you have a heart of stone and I stab you with my pointy stick.
  10. Movies about animals.  This goes back to not liking sad movies (really these should have been together but you know what?  I’m still sleepy and I couldn’t think of ten things so they got separated…deal with it).  I cannot watch a movie where an animal is hurt or dare I say it killed.  I have never seen Bambi.  When my family watched Ol’ Yeller I spent the whole time in the bathroom with my hands over my years going “Lalalalala”.  The only way I will even watch an animal movie at all is if someone else watches it first and lets me know it’s okay.  God help them if they lie to me because they think it’s funny.  I’m on the edge, people.  Expose me to animal trauma at your own peril.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Procrastination sucks balls

I came home from work sick today.  I have a monster living on the outside of my uterus and it attacks once a month.  The only way I survive is vicodin washed down with vodka  water (kidding, Hubby...I'd never do that).  So even though I was coming home I thought I'd get some work done.  I have this monstrous pile of paper in my office that I try to ignore.  Sometimes it jumps on my back and attacks me but I always manage to beat it back down.  I hate filing.  I pretty much refuse to do but since I don't have someone to do it for me the pile of paper just keeps growing.  I thought I'd just throw all this paper into a box and organize it real quick and then throw it into the filing cabinet when I get back to work.  However, I horribly misjudged the amount of filing I had let slide.  I have been working on organizing the paperwork for over three hours now and I'm still only half done.  I have stacks of paper covering my bed and all over my bedroom floor.  Now instead of finishing the mess up so its done I've wandered off to check my email and my twitter and somehow Sims 3 started up on my laptop.   I keep looking at the pile and looking away in horror.  I feel so bad I don't want to do it but if I felt good I wouldn't want to do it either.  I wonder if anyone would notice if I just burnt it?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Murderous sports bra

Today is off to a craptacular start.  I gave Hubby night time cold medicine at 4 in the morning so he is out cold.  He used all the coffee and didn't buy more so now I'm in the middle of huge caffeine withdrawals (must have coffee!...brains!!!).  Because I drugged him he can't go buy me more coffee and I sure as heck not going out (poor planning on my part). I'm nauseous and my body hurts all over from this bug I have that just won't die.  Then to top it all off I'm looking  for clothes to get dressed and the only bra I can find that is not an underwire torture device made to push my boobs up under my chin is the bra that tried to kill me.  Granted it had reason...I'd been walking around calling it the worst sports bra ever...and it is.  Every time I bend over my boobs fall out.  It's not that it's the wrong size because I've had my boobs measured by the boob experts at Victoria's Secret and since all they do is measure boobs all day I'm sure they got the size right.  I think the problem is I bought the bra at Target's poorer redneck cousin (which I won't name because I don't want their thugs coming after me....I live in a constant state of fear).  Well you get what you pay for and I definitely did.  So one day Hubby and I were watching House and on this episode this woman dies because her bra hook scratched her back.  Well apparently this gave the worst sports bra ever ideas.  A couple of days later I felt a pain on my back and I had Hubby take a look and I had not one but two holes dug in my back from the bra hook.  Of course, I panicked and started writing my eulogy.  Hubby cleaned the wounds and they healed fine but it was close call.  I never would have even known such an injury could kill me if it wasn't for House.  TV is such a great teacher.

I know you're wondering why I still have the murderous sports bra.  I just hate to get rid of anything and its really comfortable as long as I don't bend in the middle.
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Men are easy and I may possibly be evil

I woke up late for work this morning. I guess my alarm didn't go off. I was dreaming about trying to get ready for a beauty contest and I was running out of time. I could not get my hair fixed and my makeup on (obviously my subconscious way of telling me I was oversleeping and was not going to have time to get ready for work)When I realized there was a talent portion of the contest I panicked because I am completely talentless and then I woke upOf course, I panicked again when I saw the time because I was already 40 minutes late for work so I rushed around and dashed out the doorBecause I didn't have time to do my makeup correctly, I just have on heavy dark eye makeup so work is getting goth me today (I'm also dressed in black...goth me)As I got behind the long low line of cars on the drive to work my mind began to wander back in time....

*Picture Wayne and Garth doing the wavy thing with their hands going doodley do doodley do*

Many years ago I went to work in a small office (in a large manufacturing facility) where I was the only femaleI beat out several other more experienced people for the job (I didn't have any job experience for the position but I was wicked good on a computer). I was very shy and very few people in the company were aware of who I wasThis started the company rumor mill going that I must have done a little "something something" for the guys in the office to get the job over everyone elseI didn't find this out until much later because as I said I was very shyI also didn't know that the guys in the office kept feeding this rumor mill by being super protective of meNo one was allowed to say a bad word about me in their hearing and if anyone upset me... look out.

As I slowly got to know these guys I became one of the boys and they got more and more risqué in their comments around me when they realized I wasn't going to scream sexual harassmentEventually the risqué comments were directed to meI just played along thinking of myself as "one of the boys"I didn't realize they were flirting with me or that I was flirting backI thought I was a horrible troll beast and no one would ever be interested in me that wayI'd completely missed the memo where my big eyes and smile, my large breasts and small waist would be considered attractive to some menI was in a horrible, abusive relationship at the time and he told me constantly I was hideous and I believed itBesides, these guys were all married and they all knew I was in a relationship with a lunatic (my boyfriend at the time had no problem having fits in public places), so I thought the talk was just the normal joking aroundI guess maybe I should have got a clue when one of the guys told me he had an open marriage or when another one tried to get me to go behind the building to give him a kiss for his birthday but I was completely oblivious.

When did it finally occur to me that these guys were serious when they suggested we get a room? One of the men in the department had taken a job in another part of the company and we were having his farewell lunch from our departmentWe all crowded into a mini-van and he climbed in so he could sit next to meHe asked me to scooch over a bit and when I rose up he slid his hand under me so when I sat back down his hand was under my assI started to jump back up but her smiled and shook his head no so I rode to the restaurant with him fondling my ass, trying to act like nothing was going onTo say that confused the hell out of me was an understatement, but it was his last day with our department and I did not see him much after that—until he took a position with another companyHe was doing his rounds, saying his goodbyes and he caught me aloneThen he proceeded to tell me how he was in love with me and how he would have left his wife for me and he was completely seriousI wish I could say I thought up some come back that would have diffused such a weird situation but I mostly just sat there with my mouth hanging open looking like an idiot. For a minute I thought he was speaking some weird foreign languagethat this attractive, well-educated, well-traveled older man was telling me he would leave his beautiful, well-educated wife for the queen of the trolls just did not computeWhile I was standing there with my chin on the floor, he said his goodbyes, gave me a hug and left.

Eventually I was promoted and went to go work in another departmentOn my last day with the remaining guys one of them took me aside and told me he wanted to send me roses but if he did everyone would know that he loved meI was thinking like a friend and I joked back "Well, I love you too." He grabbed my arm looked right into my eyes and said "No, I love you."  Talk about awkward... I kind of laughed it off and ran away.

On the drive this morning I was thinking about this and why it happenedI have determined that men are easy and I have the gift of inadvertent hypnotismWhile age and life experience have proved to me that I wasn't a complete troll I can think of no reason why these men would have behaved this way... unless I TAMPERED WITH THEIR MINDS!!!  Now I wouldn't have been confident enough at that time to do it purposely so it had to have been subconsciously. My secret mind powers reached into their head and warped their brains and made them see an average looking, sometimes funny, rather smart girl as an awesome catchBecause they spent so many hours in a day with me, they had no hope but to succumb to my evil powersAs I have grown older I have gained more control over these powers but I've noticed they've grown in strength as wellI CAN EVEN MAKE THEM WORK OVER THE INTERNET!  I see you shaking your head in disbelief but its trueAsk my hubbyThough he'll try to tell you that he loves me because I'm beautiful and smart and funny and whatever but what really happened was this: I saw him in a chat room and started stalking himHe wanted nothing to do with me so I USED MY EVIL POWER OF HYPNOSISHe fell quickly after thatIt took just one weekend visit with me to give up everything in New York City and move to BFE with meI snared other men before him but he's the only one I wanted to keep.

I've been trying not to use my evil powers lately but I've developed quite the blog crush on Jenny, Shannon, Tanis, and AllieI will not exert my evil mind control... I will not.... Whew this is hard....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

And then there was light

On this day in 1979 a light came into the world.  A beacon in the darkness.  A ray of hope for one who had none.  I didn't even realize it at the time because I was 11 years old and in sixth grade.  I didn't realize that in another country the other half of me was being born.  That at that moment the other half of my soul finally made it into the world.  It seems like we had to wait forever to actually be together but I thank everything that it finally happened.  Happy Birthday, my wonderful, handsome, smart, funny, perfect husband.  I love you.

This is what naturally curly hair looks like first thing in the morning...lmao

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The greatest woman I know

Today is my mom's birthday.  She married right out of high school to her high school sweetheart of course.  She is incredibly smart and she wanted to be a teacher but she never went to college.  She had me a year after they got married and my sister C a year after that and my sister R three years after that.  She never worked outside the home except for a period of six months when she worked in a nursing home while my dad was laid off.  I'm not going to say she never worked because raising our family was hard work.  I didn't realize it then but I sure know it now.  She was wildly imaginative and we grew up with stories and fun play and Monty Python (thank you so much for my love of British tv) and singing crazy songs.  Even though we didn't have much money we had a happy childhood.  I know she had to push herself to give us this because the women in our family suffer from a genetic depressive disorder (which we only figured out when I was hospitalized for losing it) so she worked her ass off to make us happy when she was feeling miserable.   She is the most amazing woman.  She is the ultimate Nana to her grandchildren and great grandchildren and they love her like crazy.  She is supportive and caring and loving even if she doesn't agree with whatever is going on.   I am so honored to know her and to call her Mom.  I love you so much Mom.  Thank you for everything.  Happy Birthday!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random not so epic fails because I might possibly be a dumbass

My day so far:

Stupid alarm went off at 3:30 because of instead of just putting my ipod on it to charge I turned the alarm on...on my one day to sleep late (dumbass fail).  Turned off Lily Allen singing "Fuck you" and went back to sleep (alarm fail).
Woke up at 5 with uber headache because I had the electric heater turned up too high (dumbass fail again), took excedrin crawled back into bed and downloaded apps on my ipod touch.
 Got up at 6 and peed on stick...not pregnant (stupid pregnancy test fail).
Crawled back in bed and read twitter on blackberry.
Got up and took shower.
Mistook face cleanser for conditioner (shower fail)
Tried on new pilates outfit (looked good) felt urge to workout...wrestled that urge to the ground and choked the shit out of it.
Got on new laptop and read blogs.  Which is where I am now minus the low blood sugar attack that had me in bed for another 45 minutes.
Today our plans are...replace old computer desk with new one (finally).  Go to Trader Joe's for first time (I'm way too excited about going to a grocery store) and go see Alice in Wonderland.  We can't go anywhere however until the gas man comes.  We ran out of gas last night (again...dumbass fail because we never remember to check the gas) so we had to heat the house with little electric heaters.  So the house is a little cold right now...not freezing but a tad uncomfortable.  If he doesn't show up until later we won't get to do anything but the desk part.  My new oven arrives tomorrow which I'm totally excited about because the one we have now is a piece of crap.  Of course it's a gas oven so until the gas man comes it will just be a large, shiny paperweight.

Gas man didn't come so no Trader Joe's or Alice or dinner out.  Stupid, stupid gas man...stupid, stupid us for heating with gas...

I did not know that Lily Allen and Courtney Love were feuding (color me clueless and not really caring but in case you do the link is below).
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