Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Z!!!!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful granddaughter Z. She is two years old today. It just seems like yesterday that my senior in high school daughter came to me and told me she was pregnant. I felt like the bottom had dropped out of everything. But we thought long and hard and figured out a way for her to still attend college and take care of the gift that was coming. So my Paeg got to her winter break of her freshman year of college and we waited for the baby...and waited... and waited. We bought a baby's first Christmas ornament and Christmas came and went but no baby. Finally, realizing that her vacation was coming to an end we talked Paeg's doctor into inducing labor. So on January 4, 2008 we went into the hospital and a beautiful, wonderful baby girl was born. She was so aware when she came out. She made eye contact with everyone and would whip her head around if she heard her mother's voice. Since then she has filled every day of all of our lives with joy. The best part of my day is when she sees me for the first time of the day. She will call out "Hiya!" in a happy voice and run to me and throw her arms around me. She says please and thank you in this tiny little voice whenever she asks for anything. She worries about everyone in the house wondering where they are and what they are doing. She has these little conversations now where she tells you whatever is on her mind. She worries about her babies and where they are. She says "I love you" and gives kisses and hugs freely. She is wonderful. I love you Baby Z. Happy 2nd Birthday.

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