Thursday, January 14, 2010

Civilization ends under a pile of useless paper

I’m trying to get my daily blog written now (which I’ve missed for the last two days because I’m bad…bad and tired…bad and tired and lazy) because one of the reports I run at work is BROKEN (I’m a little upset about that) and I had to do it manually this morning and I’m trying to fix it and the piece that is broken takes forever to run so every time I change something I sit here with my thumb up my ass and wait for it to finish so I can see just how BROKEN it still is. I’m annoyed. The hormones seem to be getting worse every month. I may just run amuck (amuck, amuck, amuck, amuck, amuck). Though yesterday at work was bad (I snapped at people and I don’t ever do that), last night at home was great. I picked the munchkins up from my mom’s and they were so happy to see me. From Z I always get a “Hiya!” (said with an exclamation point, thank you very much) and a big running hug and little M just started hooting and smiling at me (because she’s not talking yet…unless you speak monkey). So I took the babies home (little M was so jamming to the radio) and we sat in the kitchen and Hubby cut up a cantaloupe and Z and M played on the floor while I made supper. Then after eating we had baby bath time. Little M has just gotten big enough to be able to take a bath with Z and she gets so excited every time she sees the tub (once again talking in monkey). They’ve been using a Pooh blow up tub that’s on its last legs. We’re going to try the big tub this weekend and see how that goes. After the bath little M was worn out and fell asleep in Hubby’s arms. I read Z The Stinky Cheese Man and she was a little disturbed by the illustrations (the cow really bothered her). Then Z and I stuck stickers all over the bookshelf and the books and then took them off and stuck them on again. There was ice cream eating and then Paeg got home and I collapsed into a dead sleep at 8:30. I am such a party animal.

Update: Got the report fixed…yay!!! Now, however I have to sort through the giant pile of papers that I need to file that I haven’t filed on principle (the principle being that I hate filing and I keep hoping if I just stack the papers up maybe they’ll go away. Instead they sit at my back waiting for the opportunity to jump on my head.)

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