Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am the worst grandmother ever.  Wait, let me rephrase that... I am the worst grandmother ever of grandmothers who actually adore and love their grandchildren and think they are wonderful and would never do anything to hurt them.  I'm a great grandmother compared to mean grandparents who do purposely cruel things to their grandchildren.  I would never purposely do anything cruel to my babies because they are my princesses.  Any way, I was babysitting on Monday (perhaps I should have blogged this on Monday or any day between then and now but I've been tired so just Be Quiet now) and I went to run the vacuum.  We have to do this a lot now because we are being invaded by lady bugs and Baby M just started crawling last week, and I hate to say it but Baby M is a bug eater.  If it's creepy and crawly she will try to put it in her mouth and chew it up.  If you stick your finger in her mouth to pull it out she will cry, because she likes the bugs.  The child is constantly chewing something so we constantly have our fingers in her mouth.  It's gotten to the point that if she finds something she really likes she will hold onto it with both hands and curl up into a little ball to try and protect her mouth.  Baby M has never shown any signs of being afraid of the vacuum before so I didn't think twice about starting it up.  That was the first time I've ever seen a little baby heart attack.  Baby M's little eyes and mouth went into perfect little circles and she did the whole body shake.  She was too scared to even cry.  Then later on I let Z watch a large retailers commercial with a screaming clown and now she is scared of clowns.  She said he made her stomach hurt.  I have probably started phobias that will plague them for the rest of their lives.  Baby M will have a fear of cleaning and Z will have a fear of clowns.  Doesn't everyone have a fear of clowns?  Except for my Hubby that is.  He's got the hots for clowns.  He's the one who's always putting all those hits on the clown porn sites.  Sick, sick puppy.


  1. !!! I can't believe you said I've got a thing for clown porn.

    Just for everybody's information, she told me to think hard about what I should say in my comment. After downloading some clown porn, I'm thinking. Hard.

  2. Once again I say, "Sick, sick puppy."