Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yes, I suck...

I have not blogged in a while and this is bad because at the beginning of the year I had planned to blog every day.  Big major fail on that one.  I am giving myself a pass on that though because I’m bat shit crazy.  Okay, I’m not quite that crazy…I can still kind of function out in public.  I have a job and everything and I can sometimes go to the grocery store.  Sometimes I can…but sometimes when I get there my heart starts to pound and I can’t breathe and this screaming starts in my head and then I have to leave.  Being around people is hard for me.  Fortunately at work I’m in a block of offices with only one other person and my office is the last one on a dead end hallway so I don’t have to see other people much.  Yay for me!  I have been going to therapy and seeing a psychiatrist to try to get my meds right.  We  thought we found something that would work but now my insurance won’t pay for it (and I can’t afford $500 a month for meds) so back to the drawing board.  That’s okay though…I know we’ll find something that will work and I will be what passes for normal for me again.  Normal being sci-fi, zombie, vampire (but not sparkly vampires…yuck), gaming, comic, loving and completely different from everyone in the area I live.  Do you know no one except my family around here has a zombie apocalypse emergency plan?  Really what kind of people are these?  They also listen to country music…which is just plain wrong.  My husband wants to move back to NYC.  He believes there we will find people more like us.  I, however, think we just need to go back to our home planet


  1. "Because I'm batshit crazy" is an excellent excuse. Also, it's applicable in so many situations, and it's an argument-ender: "Why didn't you do X like you said you would??" "I'm batshit crazy."

    A psychiatrist once prescribed me a sleeping pill for nightmares, and I checked first to make sure my insurance would cover it and they said yes. Then I went to the pharmacy and my insurance would cover a week's supply at a time for a $50 co-pay. Um! I would call that NOT REALLY COVERED.

  2. This is the first time my insurance has done this to me so I was kind of shocked. I guess they've decided keeping me docile was no longer necessary.