Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random not so epic fails because I might possibly be a dumbass

My day so far:

Stupid alarm went off at 3:30 because of instead of just putting my ipod on it to charge I turned the alarm on...on my one day to sleep late (dumbass fail).  Turned off Lily Allen singing "Fuck you" and went back to sleep (alarm fail).
Woke up at 5 with uber headache because I had the electric heater turned up too high (dumbass fail again), took excedrin crawled back into bed and downloaded apps on my ipod touch.
 Got up at 6 and peed on stick...not pregnant (stupid pregnancy test fail).
Crawled back in bed and read twitter on blackberry.
Got up and took shower.
Mistook face cleanser for conditioner (shower fail)
Tried on new pilates outfit (looked good) felt urge to workout...wrestled that urge to the ground and choked the shit out of it.
Got on new laptop and read blogs.  Which is where I am now minus the low blood sugar attack that had me in bed for another 45 minutes.
Today our plans are...replace old computer desk with new one (finally).  Go to Trader Joe's for first time (I'm way too excited about going to a grocery store) and go see Alice in Wonderland.  We can't go anywhere however until the gas man comes.  We ran out of gas last night (again...dumbass fail because we never remember to check the gas) so we had to heat the house with little electric heaters.  So the house is a little cold right now...not freezing but a tad uncomfortable.  If he doesn't show up until later we won't get to do anything but the desk part.  My new oven arrives tomorrow which I'm totally excited about because the one we have now is a piece of crap.  Of course it's a gas oven so until the gas man comes it will just be a large, shiny paperweight.

Gas man didn't come so no Trader Joe's or Alice or dinner out.  Stupid, stupid gas man...stupid, stupid us for heating with gas...

I did not know that Lily Allen and Courtney Love were feuding (color me clueless and not really caring but in case you do the link is below).
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