Monday, May 17, 2010

I think I'm still in a bit of shock so I'm sorry if this is incoherent

I was around 14 years old walking through my house singing Karma Chameleon.  Our TV had been left on a concert movie called Black and Blue.  I had never heard of the bands involved and was not interested because let's face was not Culture Club.  But then I wandered through the living room and a man's voice literally brought me to my knees.  As I knelt in front of the TV with my mouth hanging open my world was changed.  I quickly became obsessed with the small man with the huge voice.  I saved every cent of my allowance and bought Black Sabbath albums.  Then when I found out he had formed his own band, Dio albums joined the collection and then Rainbow and then I was mail ordering Elf albums from England.  I collected every article I could find and papered the walls of my room in posters and pictures ripped from magazines of him.  Through him I found a love of heavy metal that exists to this day.  He opened me up to a whole world of music that I would never have come across (I live in an area where country music is way too popular).  Dio was my very first concert and it was the best.  I saw him in concert one other time and I kick myself for all the times I could have gone but missed for some reason or another.  I wish I could thank him for the beauty he brought into my life.  I wish I could see him in concert just one more time.

Godspeed Ronnie James Dio.  You will be missed.


  1. I grew up listening to Dio, too (thanks, Dad). It still makes me so sad.

  2. Hey there, I just found you! cool stuff, will follow you now... also on twitter :) keep us posted! and congrats to the award!!!