Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hairy, hairy bo berry

Since I've been married I've been a sporadic leg shaver (and other things as well).  I figured he's already married me he can deal with my sasquatch legs and pits (and other things).  He signed the contract and now he's caught.  However, I try to always shave my legs before I start my period.  I am very anemic and due to a problem with a giant fibroid growing on my uterus (which has been the bane of our trying to conceive...damn you fibroid, damn you) I bleed like a stuck pig hemorrhaging to death.  So sometimes I pass out.  If you pass out twice in a row your darling husband and loving daughter might panic and call an ambulance.  The concerned paramedics might make you go to the hospital where the hard-working nurses might decide they need a urine sample.  But oh you are on your period so we'll have to get the sample with a catheter.  So unveil your hairy legs (and other things) for everyone walking by in the emergency room.  I know I could hear the nurses snickering.  So now I am proactive and shave when I know I'm going to start.  My poor husband gets to see my legs unhairy once a month...just at a time when he can't enjoy it.  Oh well,  he'll just have to put up with the stubble burn.

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  1. LOL Honey, you make it sound like you're my hirsute lady. You're nowhere near that. Thank goodness, too.