Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas was great!!! My sister and her husband and kids came up from Louisiana and Zeda loves her second cousin Draven. She calls him's so cute. Zeda and Maia loved their presents. Zeda got a rocking horse and a doll house and two babies that use the bathroom (one in her diaper the other one in the pottie). Maia got her first baby doll and this big musical thing that I don't even know what to call but she loves it. Paegan got a crap load of MAC makeup and a Victoria's secret gift card. Edwin got new clothes to fit his rapidly shrinking body. And I got an Ipod touch!!!! It was completely unexpected. I was sooooo surprised. I was up all night (because I never sleep anymore) downloading apps. Right now I'm babysitting the little muchkin because the slightly bigger munchkin is going to her first movie (The Chipmunks sequel) with her Mom and Dad. She told me she has to be "Very Quiet". She is getting so big. She'll be two on January 4th. They are both my little dolls. Now if Edwin and I could just have one more little doll it would be perfect.

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  1. I knew you'd be surprised to get an iPod. :) I saved up little by little knowing we weren't going to get as good a bonus as we normally do so I could give you something special. I figured an iPod Touch would serve you better since you want an iPhone and it's practically the same except for the lack of Phoneness.