Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas stuff at the mall and hermit crabs

I'm having a little trouble getting into this whole Christmas thing. I was all about it at first...but now...not so much. We went to the mall on Saturday and took the babies to see Santa. Maia sat on his lap because Maia is 6 months old and just likes everyone...Zeda almost two did not trust the strange bearded fat man and would not sit on his lap. There was a kiosk in the mall selling hermit crabs which Zeda found fascinating so, of course, we came home with two. Spongebob and Superman...spongebob is fearless...Superman will only crawl around at night. And Spongebob is a bully...totally kicks Superman's ass...who knew? Zeda is alternately scared and fascinated by them. She calls Spongebob Mr. little angel is so smart...

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  1. Sadly Superman was destined to fall apart and die. :( So sad. I tried to keep him safe but he was too stressed. Crazy stressed bug people.