Saturday, November 21, 2009


So I started my period yesterday (bet you wanted to hear that, right?). This is a moment of trauma for me as it is every month. About a year and a half ago my gyno told me that my chances of getting pregnant was slim to none and that I needed a hysterctomy. Of course, my response to that was "I'll show you". I was newly married and even though I'm in my 40's my husband was at the back end of his 20's and had no children of his own. So I thought this would be one of those medical miracle things where I would magically pop a baby out of my butt. Unfortunately it did not happen that way. A year and a half later my time of the month has gotten so bad that I literally cannot function and I lose so much blood that I have become severely anemic. Finally I broke down and I made an appointment with a different gyno. I'm still hoping that he gives me some other options than giving up my dream of having a child with my wonderful Eddie.

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  1. I hope the good news keeps coming. Sadly, if it does, the babylessness is probably my fault.